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Having trouble viewing your images? Worry no more! We now offer the latest version of PhotoViewerPro that can support many image format such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TGA, CUR, ICO and much more! This PhotoViewerPro software program is compatible to almost any Window OS.

Here are some amazing features you can experience with PhotoViewerPro:

Image Quality

In PhotoViewePro, we can let you view your images in full screen and with full zoom photo support. The image magnifier is customizable, which means you can zoom in or zoom out images without compromising its quality.

Basic Tools

In PhotoViewerPro, we let you edit your photos with excellent editing tools such as resizing/resampling and the basic photo editing tools such as crop, lights, blur, and curves. What makes the PhotoViewerPro great is its equipped re sampling algorithms you can choose from. There are variety of image color effects you can select such as sepia, negative, Reg/Green/Blue, and gray scale adjustments. The image special effects is available in this program such as drop shadow, annotation, bump map, framing, oil and sketch, and more.

The PhotoViewerPro lets you draw lines, highlights and add texts and objects like callouts, rectangles, and oval.


The PhotoViewerPro has several advanced editing tools than can be used to enhance photos such as Healing Brush and Clone Stamp. For photos taken at night, we can adjust your photo by using the superior Red-Eye feature with completely natural results.

You can redo or undo actions when editing photos. For easy access, you can easily compare photos side by side for accuracy of edit. You can project photos at a maximum of 4 sets.


In PhotoViewerPro, we can process converted or renamed images in just one batch. These photos are converted into small collection of images. We can create photo slideshows with more than 150 effects and transitions and music support like mp3, wav, wma.

For sharing and printing images, we can efficiently attach images as attachments maintaining its color quality and printability.

Other features

One of the best features we offer in PhotoViewerPro is that we can let you extract photos and images from scanner and save it as different file formats such as PDF, PNG, and TIFF. The screen capture in PhotoViewerPro creates excellent quality shots without big pixelation.

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Powerful image processing features of PhotoViewerPro

If you like to be impressed, let us introduce you to PhotoViewerPro, our powerful image viewing and editing program. We provide you with a variety of useful tools to meet all your visual processing needs for impressive and professional results. With options such as lighting, color adjustment, sharpening, softening, and position manipulation we streamline and simplify both image correction and finishing touches.

Our abundance of coloration adjusting tools allow alterations such as sepia, gray scale, and individual primary hue saturation. In addition to such basic, but critical capabilities, extras such as bump map, oil painting, lens, sketch, drop shadow, and annotations provide plenty of effects to meet your particular needs. Our drawing functions allow you to add callout objects, lines, ovals, and rectangles to your projects. Text and highlights are available for labeling and headlining your work, allowing you to save precious dates and memories. A Healing Brush and Clone Stamp are powerful possibilities to achieve your dream result. Undetectable red-eye correction allows the correction of portraits and group shots, with natural, consistent, and flawless results.

We also provide a Histogram display, with the inclusion of a color count feature, ensuring clarity and ease when inspecting the tonal configuration of your image.  Easily compare images with our side-by-side  capabilities, allowing an easy reference of before and after shots. With a maximum of four images to compare simultaneously, you can quickly identify the best options for your valuable time and effort. Our eleven algorithms provide you with re-sampling solutions when altering image dimensions, and we offer magnifying capabilities that are fully customizable to your specifications, giving you the control you need. One-touch best fit and actual size options ensure your images are displayed at their very best, giving you the credit you deserve. With support for EXIF metadata and JPEG comment editing, we give you control over the details.

Management of your images has never been so effortless, between our tagging and drag-and-drop systems, your visual libraries will remain organized. Our Copy and Move To features empower you without burdening you with an excessive and complicated system, ensuring a frustration free experience. Process batches of images with our software, easily allowing the conversion or renaming of your image collections.

We know that family and friends are important, and the time spent with your loved ones should be unforgettable. Our software enables the creation of  montages to save and share your most cherished memories as desktop backgrounds. We make it simple to create impressive slideshows with our library of 150+ transition effects and audio options. Unleash your inner artist and fulfill your creative potential with PhotoViewerPro.


The Photo Editor You’ll Fall For

This photo viewer and editor give you a chance to have the best out of your photographs! In PhotoViewerPro, we can change your crude pictures into an amazingly converted one, with only a few clicks!

Here are couple of things you will adore about our PhotoViewerPro:

The PhotoViewerPro is a light weight photograph viewer accessible for all Windows OS. It is a great photo editing and viewing program for all image formats. It has a stunning zoom highlights that gives you a chance to zoom in or zoom pictures without changing the nature or quality of your photograph. Photographs that are being zoomed in PhotoViewerPro don’t pixelate. In this manner, we can give you a chance to have a decent look on your photograph and touch even into the littlest detail there is!

The program has a decent setting for streamlining execution particularly for CPUs that works gradually. This implies you can peruse both JPEG and crude photographs quicker on netbooks, portable workstations, and even on old PCs. EXIF labels and IPTC are additionally upheld by this program. Photographs viewed through TVs and widescreen screens are in excellent quality.

Another best thing we have in PhotoViewerPro is that is has a quick thumbnail creating mode that can give you a chance to oversee and see pictures less demanding and quicker. Not at all like other photograph viewer programs, PhotoViewerPro gives you a chance to see pictures in thumbnails in a matter of seconds. Also, this program gives you a chance to compose photographs and view them in slideshows. There are more than hundreds of effects pre-introduced in this program.

The PhotoViewerPro still has the fundamental tools than can undoubtedly be gotten to on your screen, for example, trim, resize, obscure. Picture effects can likewise be utilized to alter raw pictures. You can rapidly change settings on shading by picking Red/Green/Blue, sepia, negative and dark scale. Heaking brush and clone stamp are additionally incorporated into the most recent version. Inserting writings, items and more is likewise possible in PhotoviewePro.

Lastly, you can without much of a stretch create and rename your documents even on enormous bunches. Photographs can likewise be utilized as a part of slideshows. The screen capture highlight of PhotoViewerPro likewise delivers quality picture without pixilation. Pictures from PhotoViewerPro are particularly printable that makes it resemble a genuine photograph.

We are giving a free trial on PhotoViewerPro. Try it now!

Have the perfect photo with just a few clicks!

With PhotoViewerPro, experience no difficulty seeing your pictures. We offer the most recent version of PhotoViewerPro. This photo editing tool is perfect to practically all Window OS . PhotoViewerPro can support various image formats such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, TGA and more!

Here are some astonishing components we offer in PhotoViewerPro:

Picture Quality in Viewing

In PhotoViewePro, we can give you a chance to see your pictures in full screen and with full zoom photograph mode. The picture magnifier is adjustable, which implies you can zoom in or zoom out pictures without trading off its quality.

Editing Tools

In PhotoViewerPro, we let you alter your photographs with basic editing tools, for example, resizing/resampling and other essential photograph tools, such as edit, lights, obscure, and bend. There are assortment of picture shading impacts you can choose, for example, sepia, negative, Reg/Green/Blue, and dark scale modifications. The picture enhancements are accessible in this program, such as drop shadow, comment, oil and draw, and more. This program gives you a chance to draw lines, features and include messages and questions like callouts, rectangles, and circles.

Additional Editing Tools

The PhotoViewFinder has a few propelled editing features than can be utilized to upgrade photographs, for example, Healing Brush and Clone Stamp. For photographs taken around evening time, we can change your photo by utilizing the prevalent Red-Eye function that produces enhanced quality of photos. You can re-try or undo edits when modifying your photographs. For ease of viewing photos, you can analyse photographs next to each other.

Quality Images

In PhotoViewerPro, we can convert or rename your pictures in only one cluster. These photographs are changed over into smaller and light weight photos. We can make photograph slideshows with more than 150 effects and changes and music files. For printability, the PhotoViewerPro offers quality output once editing is done. Final images can be printed with superb quality.

Additional Feature

When using PhotoViewerPro, we can give you a chance to extricate photographs and pictures from scanner and spare it as various document organizations, for example, PDF, PNG, and TIFF. The screen shot in PhotoViewerPro makes incredible quality images without enormous pixelation.

Hope it will help you get better photos! Enjoy!

Want to have better image? Try PhotoViewerPro now!

Viewing photos should never be a problem. With PhotoViewerPro, you can view and edit your photos easily and quickly. This latest program from KrojamSoft is both an excellent photo viewer and editor that let you create wonderful photos out of your raw images!

Here are the best features of PhotoViewerPro you can experience:


In PhotoViewerPro, we can let you view and edit your photos in any Windows OS. This program supports many image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, CUR, ICO, TGA, and more. The PhotoViewerPro has an optimized setting that lets you view your photos faster in laptops, netbooks, and computers!

Image Quality

In PhotoViewerPro, viewing your photos in full screen displays a very good quality of photos in fantastic details. If you zoom your photos, the quality does not change. You can see every tiny detail on your image. Screen shot photos can also be viewed in PhotoViewerPro with great quality and no pixilation.

Editing Tools

The PhotoViewerPro lets you edit your images in just a few clicks. Basic editing tools are included in the latest version of the program such as blur, crop, resize, curves. You can apply different image effects like sepia, negative, Red/Green/Blue, grey scale, and black and white. Advanced tools such as Clone stamp and healing brush can be used to modify and beautify images. There are special effects that can be used to create better output out of your photo such as annotation, framing, oil and sketch and drop shadow. Adding texts and objects (rectangles, call outs, ovals, etc) to your images can also be done in PhotoViewerPro.


Multiple images can be viewed using this program. These images can be put side by side to each other up tp four images. Thumbnail generation using PhotoViewerPro is very fast and saves you a lot of time rather than viewing them one by one. Photos can also be viewed through slide show. There are pre-installed transitions and image effects that can be used when generating a slide show.

Photo Conversion

One of the best things in PhotoViewerPro is that images from other scanner and convert them into different file formats such as PDF, PNG and JPEG and TIFF.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!



Make the most out of your images!

We just released new version of PhotoViewerPro! This is a photo editing tool that lets you have the best out of your photos! In PhotoViewerPro, we can transform you raw images into an excellently converted one, with just one click!

Here are few things you will love about our PhotoViewerPro:

Viewing Feature

The PhotoViewerPro is a free and light weight photo viewer available for almost all Windows OS. It is an excellent software program for viewing beautiful photos. It has an amazing zoom features that lets you zoom in or zooms out your images without changing the quality of your photo. Photos that are zooming in PhotoViewerPro do not pixelate. Thus, we can let you have a good look on your photo and touch even into the smallest detail there is!

Another best thing we have in PhotoViewerPro is that is has a fast thumbnail generating engine that can let you manage and view images easier and faster. Unlike other photo viewer programs, PhotoViewerPro lets you view images in thumbnails in a matter of seconds. In addition, this program lets you organize photos and view them in slideshows. There are over 150 effects and transitions pre- installed in this program.

The EXIF shooting modes (aperture, ISO, exposure, etc) are displayed on the projected screen as subtitles. The program has a good setting for optimizing performance especially for CPUs that works slowly. This means you can browse both JPEG and raw photos faster on netbooks, laptops, and even on old computers. EXIF tags and IPTC are also supported by this program. Photos viewed through televisions and widescreen monitors are also supported.

Editing Feature

The PhotoViewerPro still has the basic editing tools than can easily be accessed on your screen such as crop, resize, blur. Image effects can also be used to edit raw images. You can quickly adjust settings on color by choosing Red/Green/Blue, sepia, negative and grey scale. Healing brush and clone stamp are also included in the latest version. Adding texts, objects and more can also be done in PhotoviewePro.

Quality Output

After editing your raw images, you can easily generate and rename your files even on big batches. Photos can also be used in slideshows. The screen capture feature of PhotoViewerPro also produces quality image without pixilation. Images from PhotoViewerPro are very much printable that makes it look like a real life photo.

We are giving a free trial on PhotoViewerPro.

Have a nice day!