Want to have better image? Try PhotoViewerPro now!

Viewing photos should never be a problem. With PhotoViewerPro, you can view and edit your photos easily and quickly. This latest program from KrojamSoft is both an excellent photo viewer and editor that let you create wonderful photos out of your raw images!

Here are the best features of PhotoViewerPro you can experience:


In PhotoViewerPro, we can let you view and edit your photos in any Windows OS. This program supports many image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, CUR, ICO, TGA, and more. The PhotoViewerPro has an optimized setting that lets you view your photos faster in laptops, netbooks, and computers!

Image Quality

In PhotoViewerPro, viewing your photos in full screen displays a very good quality of photos in fantastic details. If you zoom your photos, the quality does not change. You can see every tiny detail on your image. Screen shot photos can also be viewed in PhotoViewerPro with great quality and no pixilation.

Editing Tools

The PhotoViewerPro lets you edit your images in just a few clicks. Basic editing tools are included in the latest version of the program such as blur, crop, resize, curves. You can apply different image effects like sepia, negative, Red/Green/Blue, grey scale, and black and white. Advanced tools such as Clone stamp and healing brush can be used to modify and beautify images. There are special effects that can be used to create better output out of your photo such as annotation, framing, oil and sketch and drop shadow. Adding texts and objects (rectangles, call outs, ovals, etc) to your images can also be done in PhotoViewerPro.


Multiple images can be viewed using this program. These images can be put side by side to each other up tp four images. Thumbnail generation using PhotoViewerPro is very fast and saves you a lot of time rather than viewing them one by one. Photos can also be viewed through slide show. There are pre-installed transitions and image effects that can be used when generating a slide show.

Photo Conversion

One of the best things in PhotoViewerPro is that images from other scanner and convert them into different file formats such as PDF, PNG and JPEG and TIFF.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!